If you're anything like me, you go on Pinterest and see these amazing scrapbook projects. Ribbons. Bazillions of pictures. Elaborate paper layouts. Fancy kits ordered from online stores with gorgeous accents and details.

I look at these and say, "Yes, please!! I will do this!" And then, a few seconds later: "Crud. I don't have the time... or the money."

This is where I got my idea to do what I'm calling "accessible crafting". I am in college - I don't have the time to scrap for hours on end (although I would love to). I am in college - I don't have a section of my income set aside for scrapbooking/crafting, and I probably shouldn't. However, I still love doing all these things... So I am going to use these posts to detail how, exactly, I do my projects while not spending hours on elaborate layouts or large amounts of money. Those of you who admire crafting from afar - this is especially for you. I think you will probably just find that easy, manageable, beautiful something on here somewhere.

Because I am trying to write this for the masses instead of you diehard crafters (who I admire tremendously), I am going to lay some pretty basic things out. I apologize in advance if it feels like I'm "dumbing stuff down". I am honestly trying to help people out.

So, without further ado, read.



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